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Brief overview of our goals and business

About Us

With the help of Allah, the Company was founded in 2000 after obtaining all the security licenses and approvals of the Investment Authority and the government authorities in accordance with the new law of escorts for the activity of the Union and with the help of a group of advisers and senior officers of the armed forces and police who have rare expertise in all fields both in his specialization and skills .
And this is what we have to advanced security methods in addition to the administrative system do accurately.

Our company is one of the largest and leading companies in the system of work security of all kinds and management of sites and projects, providing the best services and advice to make good decisions in the public interest as well as physical and moral rehabilitation of all disciplines and the duties of our supervisors and officers.

Our company has an integrated team to follow up and supervise serious and continuous traffic to ensure the progress, stability and regularity of the security plan with the application of the conditions and instructions that we will agree with each site.

Finally, we extend our sincere thanks, appreciation and respect for your choice and give you mutual trust with our wishes in cooperation with us to provide you with an integrated security, environmental or service that achieve our security, safety, system and stability 24 hours a day through the Department of Operations in each of our company departments.
The success of the plans, where we pledge (God Almighty) to commit to you, to achieve the protection required for your site, and give you confidence in the efficiency of our management and our outstanding services to the success of your business and maintain your reputation to get your satisfaction to expand our business and preserve our beloved country.

Public security or private security is the primary means of securing peoples, states, individuals, equipment, documents, information and funds to achieve their objectives, whether in stability, progress, development or preservation of public and private property.
What we are talking about now is private security, which is based on the private security companies, which is the vigilant arm of the interior, and is complementary to the performance of the required duties and security functions to the fullest and without these companies.
The security system is not fully integrated because of its effective impact in this, when private security companies rely on the good and effective elements to manage their business with their training at the highest level, and provide special clothing for those elements and special tools with proper and continuous guidance and putting these elements according to their abilities and culture, according to the geography and importance of the site, which is contracted to secure it with continuous follow-up and continuous traffic on individuals and officials sites according to the plan and the periodic traffic of the objective of the ongoing training and try to fade any risks and disadvantages that may appear as a result of the actual deal on the ground and work on continuous communication with majors and officers at the sites and progress in security work. We are five stars company for security and escorts. We always work to achieve all of the above because we work under the slogan ((We started where the others ended)).
We work on upgrading to improve the desired level of access. All of this is done in the framework of the management of the responsibility and good thinking and always work on the introduction of all new developments and emergency situations.

The company's preparations for insurance and guarding the following:

1- Sectors, Establishments, Public and Government Establishments (Circuits, Banks, Warehouses).
2- International investment companies and centers - laboratories - Medical Clinics.
3- Commercial companies and real estate contribution, especially commercial malls.
4- Government and private hospitals.
5- Villages, Establishments and Tourist Hotels.
6- Residential complexes and cities - villas - lands - residential towers - garages - real estate.
7- Insurance, protection and organization of exhibitions, conferences and international and local tournaments.

1- Site managers (senior and experienced officers).
2- General supervisors (Site - Traffic).
3- Security personnel (installations - companies) etc…
4- Security Officers (Special Guards).
5- Administrative Security (services - reception).
6- Security Industrial and Safety.
7- Tourism Security (Tourist groups - Private trips internally).
8- Security of special tasks (delivery of safes).

Features of these categories

* Good ethics and appearance – Fitness – Qualified – Previous experience – Certified courses and certificates.
* Implementation of the conditions, instructions and plan to the fullest.
* Protection of sites assigned to the permissible ways with good behavior towards sudden and emergency situations.
* Bonding and cohesion, in the absence of any risk (God forbid) and immediate reporting.
* The vigilance and strength of observation and endurance for difficult tasks 24 hours.
* Ensure the conditions and conduct of the site.
* Use hardware, Equipment and tools.

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