Integrated Cleaning Services

عن الشركة

Brief overview of our goals and business

Done with the help of (Allah ) in 2000, with a professional experience, specialized in quality and mastery in this important sector. The owner of many certificates of appreciation and under the leadership of a long and conscious management and keen to maintain its reputation and the honesty of the implementation of tasks and instructions and conditions to the fullest to expand the business, and promote the civilization and the prestige of our beloved country.


Duties of the Company:

Customer satisfaction and always strive to avoid any negative and noticeable obstacles.

Maintain the confidentiality of the work and reputation of the site.

Care to follow international quality standards.

A comprehensive study is conducted after the field survey of the mechanism and the system of the work system with the determination of termination of the task process.

Prepare a work plan for all work and instructions to perform tasks to the fullest extent to maintain the required level.

Selection of managers and supervisors of sites with experience and high efficiency to bear the burdens of the site.

Sorting the qualities of the trained workers to organize them in the places assigned to it.

Continuous training on daily, weekly and monthly works.

Organizing classes and providing replacements for holidays and malfunctions, trained in case of emergencies.

Provide all the required capabilities of the best equipments and modern and effective tools.

Maintaining the use of the finest raw materials from major accredited companies.

We welcome and have the honor to contract with both of:

Factories, Sectors, Government Institutions, Investment and Commercial Companies - Factories, Private establishment, Tourism, Villages and Hotels Hospitals and Medical Centers - Car Maintenance and Exhibition Centers - Trade Exhibitions for Durable Goods and others - Clubs - Banks - Malls and Housing complexes.

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