Security & Guard Previous Works

Egyptian German Co. for Precision Industries (Borg El Arab - 2nd Industrial Zone) The formation of Laser (Marbakh).

Alameen Corrugated Cart Co. LLC (Borg Al Arab, 2nd Industrial Area).

Lectro Electrical Industries & Trading Co. (Borg Al Arab - 3rd Industrial Area).

Rodex Plastic Company (Borg Al Arab - 3rd Industrial Area).

Egyptian Co. For Chemical Industries (Borg El Arab - 2nd Industrial Zone).

Al Gharbali Engineering Works Co. (Borg Al Arab - 2nd Industrial Area).

Egyptian & German For aluminum Co. Alotec (Borg Al Arab).

Walaa for sweets and chocolate Co. (Borg Al Arab).

Earo Angle Catering Company (New Borg Al Arab City).

Sedra Trading & Distribution Co. + Qubaa Investment Center (Glim + Free Zone).

Al Nasiria Food Industries Co. (Asaad) (Amreyya).

Sadat Group (Al Amreyya ).

Egyptian Heavy Equipment Co. (Al Amreyya ).

Egyptian British Co. for General Development - Galina / British - Top Nosh (amrya_Nahda).

Egyptian Cotton Press Co. (Mina El Basal - El Kabbary).

Al Safa Ready Mix Concrete (Moharram Bey).

Dawlia (21) partners in quality (Ras El Soda - El Nozha).

Group Of Architectural Companies (Roushdy).

Alexandria Construction & Development Co. (Glim).

National Co. For Trading & Distribution (Al Asafra).

National Company For Trading & Distribution (Al Mamoura).

Nile Projects Co. For Trade (Bridgestone) (Al-Gueish Road).

Al Saad Contracting & Trading Co. (siddy Bishr).

Auto jameel company (Ford Power Station and branches) ( smouha / down town ).

Modern Motorscompany - Suzuki Power Station (Smouha).

Arab Co. for Exhibitions Organization (organization of engineers club ).

Trust Co. For Organizing Exhibitions exhibition ground (Raqs al souda aria / pyramids).

Secure deals group co. For Organizing Durables Exhibitions (Siddy caber ).

Hawaii for Restaurants & Tourism Management Co. (Carlos- abn al bald – hamedo ).

International Food Company (Moomen Restaurants Branch).

The Engineering Group for Housing and Development

Al Waha Construction Company.

Cordon Rouge (Green Plaza) Restaurant.

Fourth : Hospitals

Amreyya General Hospital (Amreyya).

Al Agamy General Hospital ( Al Agamy ).

Al Awadhy General Hospital ( Al Agamy ).

Leprosy General Hospital (Amreyya).

Sant Teresa Hospital (Raqs Al-Suda).

AlBalshy Hospital - Private (Moharm Bik).

New Medical Center (Smouha).

Al-Shorouk Hospital - Private ( Glim).

Al reyada Hospital - Private (Sporting).

Smouha center for prdistrics (Smouha).

Smir Mahfouz Dental Care Center (Janaklis).

Fifth: compounds and residential towers

Ganiklis complex ( gnakles ).

Qemaraye roushdy complex and mall (roushdi ).

Muharrm bek complex ( karram company for real estate investment ).

The officers tower (moustfa kamel ).

Fleming tower Complex ( flimng ).

Glim heights ( glim ).

Al Qudah tower (smouha ).

Ezz Al arab tower ( victoria ).

Al zhraa tower ( astanly ).

Louran palace tower ( louran ).

Al Saraya louran tower ( saraya ).

Dre basha tower ( louran ).

Al sfa tower ( sba basha ).

The doctors tower ( zizinya ).

Al nasr tower ( al syouf shma23a ).

Al nda tower ( al syouf ).

Al obour carage ( wenget st).